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Recent Project: Luke Holstead Personal Training

Branding and Website Design

Luke Holstead is a personal trainer based in and helping the people of Salisbury to lose weight, build muscle, improve their diets or just have regular workouts.

Dieting and correct exercise can be hard so we wanted the Brand to be simple and bold as a stark contrast, suggesting that Luke will make training easy (which he does). We followed the same principles for the website, making sure the content was totally understandable and displayed in an easy to read and pleasing way. Visit the site here.

Recent Project: Genco Male Grooming

Website design and integration into Joomla

Genco is a Male Grooming Salon in Chiswick, London who offer the very best in men's hair cuts, luxurious traditional shaves, male waxing and specialist treatments all in a relaxing and informal environment.

Our job was to redesign and redevelop the front end of their previous site, which was based on the Content Management System Joomla. We focused on usability while making sure the site had a stylish design that catered for the Salons Male target market. Visit the site here.

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