There are three basic things you need to have a website on the internet;


Digital files

The files, i.e. the coded web pages and images, videos etc.

Website address

Domain name

A domain name, this is the address people will use to find your website. It points towards your web server.

Step Three


A web server, usually a high spec computer that is based in a secure data centre. The server holds all the files of your website and the domain name points to it to allow people to access the site.

This is where we come in!
We can create a well structured, beautifully coded website based on your content. Once complete we will upload the files to your web server and you'll be online!

For domains and servers we recommend 1and1. They offer domain names from as little as £2.49 a year and website hosting (servers) from around £5 a month.

If you're not sure about 1and1 there are plenty more hosting companies around, and we can help to find the best one for you.